Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On humans and nature

A Maria Sampler

I was quietly sitting in my booth once, staying well out of the way of browsers so that they may enjoy looking at art without interruptions, when I overheard "she needs to stick to landscapes, I mean the figure stuff is nice but a little weird, the landscapes are really nice."
I smiled from my little corner and opted for silence as response. Later one of my figurative works, a rather "weird" one, won best of show.
Bajo la Sombra

Artists are many things, feel many things, share many things. We are told to develop a "style" to keep our work "consistent" and to "stick to what works". And yet creativity and pure heart take us down so many roads...
After almost 20 years of seriously making art, I "do" both landscapes and figures. I simply can't decide why I should decide. 
Just Walk With Me

Some of the work I like best incorporates both figures and nature. They are both beautiful and a little bit magic for me, we are both nature and human. Trees and tendons, branches and muscles, vast views and bare skin, mountains and body curves, shapes I can touch and feel with my mind and caress with my eyes. 
Light Hunter
Light always present illuminating everything. Feelings and music captured with an image, dances and movement and energy swirling through the wind, old scarred trees telling stories, young blooms entering life, loving, hoping. Figures bare as trees, stripped of symbols, status and masks, showing the beauty and magic of the human form, the nature in human.
After the Fire

That's my art.
Like a Drunken Bee
Spirit Wind

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