Friday, May 15, 2015

More peace coming your way

Peace and Alegria

If I would have known how soothing it is to write peace and say Alegria (happiness) on a daily basis, I would have undertaken this theme a long time ago. Alegria, of course, is my newly found puppy. When I first saw her upon returning from my daily walk, she was covered in trash and lay listless against a chain-link fence in a deserted lot. I nearly headed home to grab a shovel when the tiny dirty pile of trash started wagging its tail. The rest is pupstory!

Trivia over, here are four more images, with bonus puppy. Connie Brewer, the first block shown below, had the presence of mind to include a snack for pup and mom, thanks Connie! Vicki and Sarah win the award for best-wrapped blocks so far, very attractive! And Bea Gold, my friend, always with a knack for depicting the sweetest child; thanks for the goodies!

Connie Brewer
Gillette, Wyoming US

My puzzle piece is centered on my Corgis and the peace they bring me. Nothing better than playing fetch with the Corgis after a  long day at work. Peace, Connie Brewer (and Max & Merlin, the Corgis)

Vicki LoSasso and Sarah Chvilicek
Reno Nevada USA

Bea Gold
California USA

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