Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spreading the peace even more!

Latest update on the Peace Puzzle

Updates on the project are set to public so if you are following, you can always go to the project page and click the Updates tab to see what's happening!

The Peace Puzzle: Current project open for enrollment!
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Also, check this page on this very blog for a chronology of the project as things happen:


With the project funding goal surpassed, I ordered the wood!
Wood panels ready to be cut

Cutting the Fantastic Garden puzzle pieces (last project)

Beautiful cherry plywood
Tougher to get good 3/4" cherry plywood these days, I had to order two full sheets of 4 x 8 feet (122 x 244 cm) cut to the sizes of the panels, which adds about $100 to shipping. C'est la vie d'une artiste!

Which begs the question: why cherry plywood? Well...Cherry because it is beautiful, and the traditional wood of Japanese printmakers of old. The cherry is hard enough to hold a fine line and thus much detail but soft enough to carve easily. Also, because each block will have to yield about 200 prints, softer woods just will not hold up.
Plywood because anything else will warp when traveling the world and back. Las Vegas Nevada has the bragging rights for being the driest city in the USA, with single digit humidity being the norm for the majority of the year. Take a block of wood from Michigan (the mill I ordered from), cut it, mail it to Brazil (70% humidity), carve it, mail it back to Vegas and it will warp like a tiny saucer. But the layers in thick 3/4" plywood will hold the wood true. Now you know.

I set a stretch goal of 160 artists, we are at 133 right now. This means more panels for every participating artist. Six-panel artists will get 8 and 1-panel artists will get 2! Oh boy, more work for meeeee...happily.

Lastly, I had a couple of requests for a one-panel purchase reward for those NOT participating in the puzzle but wanting to support it. So there is such a reward now! Keep spreading the peace, I mean the WORD!

That's it for now! I'm warming up the jig-saw...

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