Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How big is this Peace Puzzle we are making?

Oh it's big...but first!

The Peace Puzzle: Current project open for enrollment! 
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The sketch has evolved again. I decided on more branch, less dove, more sky...so I adjusted the layers in Photoshop and came up with the next stage of the Peace Puzzle sketch. In the process of transferring the sketch to the wood panels, the lines will be even simpler, especially in the leaves of the branch and the dove.

Bit more branch, less dove, looking all peaceful and loving...


The scale of the puzzle prints is a bit tough to "wrap our heads around" unless you have seen one in real life.  So for those who are asking, just how big is this thing? How big will my block be? Here are some factoids for perspective.

We are planning a six panel print, each panel is a (Western) standard size paper 22 x 30 inches or 56 x 76 centimeters. I chose that size because it fits neatly in the press, the wood blocks are affordable and fairly easy to handle, and paper is cheaper bulk in standard sizes. This time the panels will be landscape orientation, two up, three wide.

Each woodblock, corresponding to each panel, can "carry" about 20-24 puzzle pieces; each piece of the puzzle is irregular size about 5 to 6 inches or 12 ot 16 centimeters in diameter. Each participant artist gets a strangely shaped wood peace with an arrow pointing to the top of the image drawn on the back.

With the image of the peace puzzle about sketched out, here are some pictures to help the visualizing.

Each shaded gray area is a puzzle piece
The entire image gets divided into over 100 puzzle pieces!
The toughest part is visualizing the entire image to scale. I am all of 5 foot 2 inches or approximately 157 centimeters tall on a proud day. I wish I were a bit taller but by now I'm quite used to being a "compact model." Here is what the whole print will look like more or less with the aforementioned compact model to scale.
Your fearless leader with the Peace Puzzle sketch in the background, to scale

That's about the size of it. Next blog post I will post some participant samples from previous projects!

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