Friday, January 9, 2015

Preparation for the Peace Puzzle


I am again using the platform to raise funding in order to launch the next great Monumental Collaborative Puzzle Print. The main reason remains that we can involve non-artists to help with crowd-funding the project so that we can keep costs down for participating artists (and me!).
Preparing a Kickstarter project is quite a bit of work! I needed to slap together a silly video, create a picture/logo, decide on and create rewards, draft a budget so I could price things reasonably but to cover the project, create a story-line for the Kickstarter page, upload pictures, get finances ready and review everything 100 times.
The Fantastic Garden 2013

Book "Growing the Garden" chronicles the project

Peace Puzzle

What better way to start the year than with images of peace in our heads? I am not quite done with all the details and will be fine tuning through the weekend. I am definitely not done with the design because I don't kow how many artists we will get this year but I'm hoping at least 120! That's six 22 x 30 inch (56 x 75 cm) panels, our biggest yet! We could get as many as 200 artists! That would be 10 panels???!! Ooooooohhhhh...

Spreading the word to supporters is key and will greatly help so I'm creating the tag #peacepuzzle for using on Facebook and Twitter! And we have a logo! Some of you will recognize the entries from the Fantastic Garden, our last puzzle project.
#peacepuzzle our official logo

Changes this year

One very important change this year is the addition of two artist categories for helping artists save a bit of money while still covering expenses. In addition to the single-artist entry, there will be a two-artist-one-address entry and a four-artist-one-address entry, each discounted from the single artist category. Last puzzle project we had a lot of participatns from various printmaking groups so maybe you can start getting together and planning to enter together, especially for those of you not in the USA. Each artist gets the full set of prints and a book, but everything is mailed together to a single address which saves time, money and work.

I will be creating a page dedicated to the puzzle right here on this blog with details about the project and an abbreviated calendar detailing every step. Other than that, this blog and my Facebook pages are the best way to follow along.

Almost ready!

Just wrapping up the last few details and waiting for my reviewers to get back to me with corrections and clarifications. Should be able to submit next week and launch right after. Here we go!

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