Monday, January 5, 2015

Scrambled websites! My marketing manager has gone mad!

Wacky Web

Oh how things have changed since my first website! First of the year and I find out my marketing "people" (that would be me) have all gone totally mad. In an effort to streamline web presence and make my life easier, something I attempt to do at the beginning of each year, I have changed things around a bit. Here is the recap:

Still there but the index page now redirects to my more dynamic blogger blog, which is easier to update on the go and provides me with a nice mobile alternative. According to stats, almost 70% of web traffic is now through mobile devices. Celebrate simplicity!

Links to various pages still work and I will endeavor to link to things from the blog (you are reading the blog, if you are reading this). The only thing missing right now are the Projects and the browsing galleries but my shop is just as good for that. I just don't have the time or brain power any longer to keep up with the latest web standards and such. Out with the old, in with the new!

Ay ay ay! Sometimes my manic phases really complicate my life, I blame "that other" Maria. To start this glorious year, I am hereby happily reduced to ONE blog. That's uno, un, ein...that's it. Sigh.

I nixed the artfestival blog, kaput, bye bye. I merged the former blog into this one. Posts are indexed by category on the left navigation and so you can read all about puzzle prints by clicking on the puzzle prints category. And so on. I will try to do a better job categorizing stuff.

Facebook and Twitter and YouTube, oh my!

I'd rather be outside!
Various ways to connect have not changed, although I'm mulling combining my FB page and profile just as soon as Facebook allows such a thing. The 1000woodcuts follows me everywhere so I'm easy to find.
You can LIKE my page, FRIEND me (it's a verb, trust me), FOLLOW me on the tweety bird and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel if you are into silly printmaking videos. I tend to cross-pollinate posts as I see fit and all my Facebook posts magically appear on Twitter without my intervention.
For direct messages or a printmaking emergency, Facebook or Twitter allow messaging and my annoying iPhone lets me know immediately when someone is knocking at my virtual door.

1000woodcuts Facebook Page

Maria's Facebook Profile

Maria's Twitter Profile

1000woodcuts YouTube

That's it! Here is to keeping up on the go!

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