Saturday, January 24, 2015

Puzzle Update!

Latest Update on Peace Puzzle

The Peace Puzzle: Current project open for enrollment!
How to sign up:
Click on Back this Project green button
Choose a reward and check out

Quick update on the project.
Looks like groups are now coming in. We have 64% of the funds with 58 backers, and 70 artists participating!

Pervious puzzle project books
Panels, artists, process and more!
If you happen to be the envy of your peers and they wish they would have signed up, consider luring them into a cozy group! Everyone saves money, everyone gets the whole set of prints and the book and your energetic project director saves a little time when mailing.

Here are instructions on how to change from a single artist to two-artists or four-artists. Four artists get to play for only $56 each!

-Go to the project page:

-Sign in if you are not already

-Click on the button Manage My Pledge (top of page)

-Choose the 2-artist or 4-artist level

-Check out as before!

Keep spreading the word, we are now two weeks in and well over half-way to the funding goal. Tell your non-artist friends too, so they get a nice book or poster of the project.
Let's give it a push this week and get over the top!

Excited??? I am!!!

Oh, and keep an eye on the blog, the sketch has evolved again and I will post something later today.


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