Thursday, January 29, 2015

Peace Puzzle LIVES!

114 Artists so far!

Today I received the Congratulations! email from letting me know that the Peace Puzzle is funded. I was elated! Delighted! Dancing all day long!

AND there is still time to sneak in so if you have been on the fence...

The Peace Puzzle: Current project open for enrollment!
How to sign up:
Click on Back this Project green button
Choose a reward and check out

What exactly does this mean? Reaching the funding goal means that the project has enough funds now to become a reality. I can proceed with my machiavellian scheme to lure artists into this grand adventure, ha ha ha! First order of business is to find a supplier for wood, more on this on next post.

As promised, pieces of past puzzles

For the artists that are pondering upon our theme: peace, and wondering what type of image they will be creating, here are some examples of puzzle pieces past (say that 5 times fast). The following six pieces are from the Fantastic Garden, our last puzzle. Each piece is about 5 to 6 inches or 12 to 16 centimeters in diameter.
As each block came in, I placed it in my "real" garden in an appropriate setting to record each delicious image. The published book Growing the Fantastic Garden 2012, contained each artist's image with a written blurb they send in as they return the blocks. The last book was in color!

Diane Cutter, among the purple sage

Randy Feil, between two pines

Sharron Huffman, floating on the pool (Photoshop!)

Susan McLeod, among the cut firewood

Achim Nicklis, in the pommegranate tree

Renata Salgado, perched atop a Palo Verde tree

I'm off to research wood suppliers! We need a lot of wood...

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