Monday, February 2, 2015


We grew!

While I was sleeping, we grew to an astounding 142 artists! So, as promised, I stretched the sketch to four panels wide by two high, landscape orientation. Measurements now are a monumental 120 inches wide or 10 feet or 3 meters, by 44 inches high or 112 cm.

Here is the latest rendition with changes:
- the branch somehow grew too! it now stretches both sides of the puzzle, giving it a nice warm nature frame
- the dove scooted left to balance the composition and it is simpler now, line-wise
- the sun scooted right to give each panel (light gray lines) a nicer composition by itself. sometimes people just want to look at one panel at a time
- the earth-people didn't change much but they got cozier and the river now flows from them better
- many energy lines from the sun are changed to bind the whole thing together

Peace Puzzle background image

Are we feeling peaceful yet? I'm liking it more and all the elements are flowing together beautifully. The design will change again during the transfer to the blocks and yet again after cutting because my carving knives always get carried away.
Remember that each participant, all 142 or more, gets about a leaf-sized block; I can't wait to see all those tiny designs fill the empty spaces.

The Kickstarter campaign

Almost over! 7 days left and counting, awesome response!

The Peace Puzzle: Current project open for enrollment!
How to sign up:
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