Sunday, February 8, 2015

24 hours...tic toc tic toc...Work starts in the studio

Kickstarter 24 hours left

February 9th at roughly 7:15 PM US Pacific will be the end of the enrollment mayhem. Well, and the start of the manufacturing madness, of course! Some of you are asking me if you can join after the end date and the answer is, maybe?! We have 156 artists to date and I simply cannot fit anymore than 160 artists into 8 panels of the print. So if there are spots left, maybe, if there aren't, then, no go! I'm keeping a very close eye on the enrollment right now.

The Peace Puzzle LAST CHANCE
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Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

There are many tasks going on behind the scenes (even on Sundays) in preparation for the arrival of the wood panels. One challenge of building a large print, is seeing the whole thing at once, preferrably on a raised surface like an easel.
So I built a contraption, an easel of sorts. Here it is supporting the 4 blocks of the Fantastic Garden, our last project. See? It will work just fine!
The Fantastic Garden blocks on the support easel (half of the easel)
current print will be double wide

Side view, it's just cardboard!
A bit back I had an exhibit where I showed several large pieces. I do all my own framing so the rather large frames came encased in what can only be called "structural cardboard." Three layers of corrugated cardboard glued together made up each huge panel and I just could not part with it. I thought of building a shed for my bike, another shelter for the feral cats, a tree any event, I kept it stashed against a wall. The frames also came with hard cardboard protectors at the corners, an L shaped very tough cardboard moulding. I kept that too.

Lightweight, sturdy easel support for our Peace Puzzle

So without further introduction, here are the photos of the construction process.
Structural 3-ply cardboard and corner protectors
A bit (a lot) of wood glue

Some screws holding things together and weights to clamp down
Half support 5-foot wide, the L moulding is screwed and glued
supports the bottom and top blocks

Full support ready for blocks
4 blocks along bottom, 4 along top

Lordie it's going to be big...
Superimposed sketch on the support easel thinguie

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