Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mail Room Trivia

Shipping Department

Once at a fine festival, I had the pleasure of selling a boatload of woodcuts and original woodblocks to a collector from across the country. Since they were traveling by plane I offered to ship the order "free" since they just casually benefited me with around 5K of sales.
Got home, packed, shipped, didn't think much of it. About a week later I get this nice bonus check made out to 1000 Woodcuts - Shipping Department Manager, with a very complimentary note from my collector for the "shipping crew". I had a good laugh about that and promptly complimented my cats, dogs, tape gun and my husband for putting up with me during shipping days (I can get a bit cranky!).
The very boring and repetitive task of shipping 160 tiny blocks!

I just finished the second of three batches of shipping the little darling blocks all over the world. For those of you who may someday ship something to more than two people at once, I highly recommend a shipping program of some sort. I use Endicia from because it is the cheapest, no frills, allows me to ship all the variations of the US Postal Service, including international shipping.

The Shipping Crew

Since shipping pictures aren't any fun at all, I though instead I would introduce all of you to my shipping crew. They are very efficient and get the job done. As you can see, the boss dictates that we wear a strict uniform in my studio, jeans, white shirts and blue sweatshirt. Sometimes when we print we wear jeans, white shirts, and blue sweatshirts with aprons added.
This is CoolMaria, she thinks she's the only gal
 in the neighborhood with a tape-gun. Strong as an ox and
will work well past dinner time.

Introducing HappyMaria, very enthusiastic although sometimes
confused by the whole spreadsheet-block-code- thing. We keep
her around because she will do virtually anything with a smile.

And this is the RuthlessMaria, will drive everyone crazy with
her "let's keep working until it is done!". If it were up to her,
no lunch for anyone until all blocks are wrapped up. She's a
good soul though, and gets things done for sure and is very
meticulous about everything.

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