Friday, February 3, 2012

Two more, Tennessee and Ottawa

Andrew Gott from Chattanooga, Tennessee USA offers this:

Anyone who has spent time driving on virtually any highway in the southeast in the past has inevitably seen one of the iconic "Rock City" barns alongside the road, advertising the tourist attraction that the city I now call home is known for. While those of us who live here don't even give it a second thought, the distinctive profile of the mountain that rock city is perched on (Lookout Mountain) has stood above, and watched over, the city and it's inhabitants ever since it's founding, through many ups and downs. Now, the area is experiencing a renaissance, both culturally and economically, and while the iconic barns are slowly disappearing from the side of the road, Both Rock City, and Lookout Mountain- Still looking down at us as we progress into the future.

Debrah James Percival from Ottawa, Ontario CANADA says this about her piece:
I titled my block piece "The lookout on the Rooftop".  If I am wrong and the block piece is not a roof, well then I guess I can refer to it as "Snuggled In"

Good call, I'm pretty sure it's a roof!

And now! News from the City:

As all of you may know, the deadline for sending back your blocks has passed. I would very much like to wait for all the blocks to come in before I begin planning the date and time of the printing party.
However, I can't wait forever so I'm going to end the project at the end of this month. This means, blocks that have not arrived back on February the 29th, 2012 will not be a part of our happy City of the World.

I will send everyone an email with this same information in the next few days.

There are seventeen blocks missing from our city. We ended with 114 participants, so the return rate is a huge success! But I must begin the printing phase soon so please those of you who are finishing up...well, finish up!

Thank you everyone for playing. Remember these links:
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