Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two Ladies from Freeville New York to Birmingham United Kingdom

Fiona Humphrey from Birmingham United Kingdom brings us a very nice contribution.

And I thoroughly enjoyed a bit of news from the Kingdom! Geez, no wonder I'm so slow at getting the photos done! All these wonderful tidbits from lands far far away just catch my attention and I can't help myself but to stop and learn what's happening all over the world. One of the perks of my mad project, I guess.

Sylvia Taylor, another world traveler sends her block from Freeville New York USA

Nicely done!

I'm happy to report that I have now heard from all but very few and almost all the blocks are on the way back to me. Until I see where the "holes" are I can't really tell what I will do with the missing blocks. Sometimes I carve a "quickie" sometimes I just incorporate the piece into the background.

Assembly will commence next week and I'm seriously coming out of my skin with excitement. Well, not seriously, but nearly.
The task of assembly includes spreading my "map" over my work table first as a guide. Once my guide is taped up where I can see it, I grab the block "skeletons" and place them each on a matboard cut to size, where they will be later permanently adhered along with all their little city blocks.

Then the fun part begins; I grab each block and find its place in the puzzle, loosely placing them until they are all in their slot. All 102! and counting...
Photos coming up, you MUST be involved in the magic of watching each image come alive as the little pieces are carefully assembled.

Stay tuned!

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