Wednesday, February 8, 2012

North and South again, all ends of the continent

Terry Sargent-Peart from Seattle Washington USA

I love the cyclist, very nicely done!

And Rachel Midori Sugo Miyagui, another of our Brazilian contributors from Santos, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

The Tedium Report
As in anything in life, the more I do something, the better I get at it. All the hard work that it takes to unwrap, photograph, document and publish one of these contributions has made me a better photographer, more efficient record keeper and more proficient blogger. See? Every project is either a lot of work or a learning opportunity.

Also some of you have mentioned that I am disgustingly organized... well yeah, proudly so! It would be impossible to keep track of 114 city blocks otherwise so every tid bit of information is carefully recorded in an Excel spreadsheet.

From that wonder-program I export the mailing list in order to keep bugging everyone with my nonsensical blabber (a.k.a. updates). Also from Excel I can export to mailing labels for shipping (MS Word), to my web developing program (Adobe Dreamweaver) for web-page updating, and later to my publishing program (MS Publisher/Adobe Acrobat) for assemblage of the colophon.

Amazingly enough, I am old enough to remember the days when a program disk had to be inserted into a computer with 64K of memory and swapped with a data disk for periodically saving work.
Amazing, everything about technology is magic and amazing.

Carry on on the printing party to come later.

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