Saturday, February 18, 2012

From my home state, Nevada USA to Tasmania in Australia

This contribution from Sarah Chvilicek in Reno, Nevada USA. For those who wonder, Reno is the northern counterpart of my home Las Vegas. Those two cities account for most of the population in the state of Nevada, home to mountains, glorious desert valleys and long peaceful roads under clean open skies.

Here is Sarah's city block:

Melanie Simon in Longley, Tasmania, Australia has this to say about her contribution:
I grew up on the edge of a city and now live out beyond the fringe, but still close enough to interact with it when I want; the best of both worlds.  Our city, Hobart, though a capital is relatively small and interactive with nature, squeezed as it is between a mountain and a river but I feel that larger cities become obsessed with themselves and tend to forget their necessary connection with the environment, trying to force everyone and everything to conform.  We would be well served to remember what was there before, embrace biological and elemental systems and work with them in a mutually beneficial way to create more fertile and diverse places.  My image is of moths native to our great southern forests who manage to flit in and remind us…

Thanks for the cool print!

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