Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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All the blocks have now been mailed and, since I know those instructions that came with your blocks are a bit antsy from their trips and tend to disappear, I posted them more or less permanently here:

In the instructions you will find answers to most frequently asked questions about your puzzle piece, where to send it back and when and such things. Not that I don't enjoy answering your emails, I really always like it when puzzle participants ask questions or simply just keep in touch with a step by step of their progress. Makes for a daily smile!


One important note about this project is that the wood I was able to find has an MDF underlayer. In fact, right under the beautiful cherry veneer the MDF (medium density fiberboard) will make it so that carving these will be as easy as possible. The cherry veneer allows for detail, while the soft underbelly will make artist's knives glide through their blocks, sort of. 

You would think this would make for a perfect carving wood, but the downside is that the blocks will be just a bit more fragile than before. Being the eternal optimist, I am hoping the wood holds up to the nearly 180 prints per block that I will have to pull.
Your task is to treat your tiny block as carefully as possible and avoid moisture. Moisture will swell up the MDF layer, which will subsequently dry in my beloved desert, creating a potentially dangerous situation (printmaking-wise). 

And as soon as you finish...

I just know some of you are already drawing and carving! This makes me want to keep working too so I also posted the form that everyone fills out. This form is designed to give information about your images and anything else each participant or friend of peace wants to post to the world in the book Peace in Print. As blocks come in, I will post the info on the blog as well.
The form can be found here:

Anyone participating or backing the project can fill out the form and the info will be published EXACTLY as entered in the book. I will keep reposting the link for everyone to find quickly or just email me and I will send you the link.

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