Saturday, March 14, 2015

First peek at a Peace Puzzle piece

First Peaceful Image Arrives!

I cannot describe the pure joy that I feel when these little images start coming back "home" to take their rightful place in our creation. They often come wrapped in newspapers from all corners of the world, a tradition started with the great City of the World collaboration. I enjoy the news from the world over, the little cards and notes artists send, and especially the images. All the newspapers go into a box, a time capsule of the year from all around the world. Cool, huh?

Without further introduction, here is our first wonderful peaceful image and what Barbara had to say about it. The information for each piece is entered by the artists as they finish their little gems on this page:

Barbara Mason

Hillsboro Oregon

This image is about personal peace...I thought about what would most signify peace...and there are a lot of universal images...but I think this small block of two people enjoying a quiet visit at the beach or park is pretty peaceful...I rarely have time to just sit and enjoy...but I am planning to take time to do a little more of it this year.
Barbara Mason, contribution for the Peace Puzzle 2015

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