Sunday, March 29, 2015

Peace and beauty from across the USA

From Across the USA

I am very happy that blocks are starting to come in now at a steady pace. Artists feel free to post on Facebook and let me know and I will share on my FB page as well.

I have word that two more blocks are on the way back so I am diligently trying to keep up with all the work and setting up the book. Everyone as you finish your beautiful images, please think about sharing some words with the world about you, your image or anything else you would like published in the book Peace in Print.
Here is the link to enter your info:

Notice below how Ray Hudson, a very observant artist, has caught on to my quest for dark chocolate and sent a nice box along with his block. Sure, you don't want to copy someone else's idea, but I promise I won't tell. In addition to chocolate I am also a fan of red wine (bit harder to send in a small box) and anything Spanish, or anything from all corners of the world...(no pressure). All in jest, of course!
And if you want to wrap your block in your local newspaper, that always entertains me when faced with the task of unwrapping, photographing and cataloging each image. I have a great "time capsule" from the previous City of the World newspaper collection!

Ray Hudson
Middlebury, Vermont

Peace for me involves the sea, the air in motion, and the earth in full bloom: all things rejoicing. All things striving.

Ray Hudson, Middlebury Vermont USA
Peace Puzzle 2015 contribution

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