Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tidying up the Garden

Kickstarter Update

I just sent what may be the very last update to participants and backers of the Kickstarter Project that, well, kick-started the Fantastic Garden.
Here is the full text of the update with a yummy repro of the whole print:

List Getting Shorter

Here is my list of things to do from last post, with updates:

  1. Finish colophon of information to be sent to everyone with prints - CHECK Waiting for the printed info sheets to be delivered at my doorstep in two days.
  2. Have colophon copied 92 times CHECK! same as #1
  3. Finish putting together and formatting book (will take a while longer) - WORKING...
  4. Take better photos of finished prints for poster size rewards - CHECK
  5. Send pics to POD outfit for fulfilling rewards - CHECK Waiting for posters and other rewards to be delivered in about four business days
  6. Pack and mail 92 sets of prints - Tubes ready and waiting; Mailing list cleaned up and uploaded to my mail program.
  7. Pack and mail roughly 50 books and about 18 other rewards to backers of project
  8. Start new project - Oh dear, ideas are waaaay too many and jumbled right now but soon, my preciousssss, soooooon...

The Last Print Video

And last but not least, as promised, just got done editing the very sad video entitled Fantastic Garden: THE LAST PRINT :-)

Fantastic Garden Headquarters: http://puzzleprints.blogspot.com

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