Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Announcement From the Shipping Department

Mail Room Stuff

After a particularly successful festival a few years back, I had to pack and mail several woodcuts, special orders, framing orders and such. A customer replied within days of my mailing asking me to please forward a note to the Shipping Department commending them for their careful and fast shipping. Funny how the web makes us look good sometimes, isn't it?

My studio is a mail room!
Stacks of prints, rejects toward the back, set ready to roll on the right.
Well, you will be happy to know that I authorized overtime pay for the Shipping Department and three quarters of the Fantastic Garden sets have already been mailed! I always start with the ones that will take the longest to get there so my world friends don't have to wait so long. Everyone should get an email with shipping and tracking/customs information in the next day or two.
With "the guys" in shipping working so hard, I predict all the prints will be mailed by tomorrow or Thursday.

I set up the stacks of prints so I can stamp the back with the official Fantastic Garden stamp. Then I turn each print over one by one, give it a last minute inspection, reject some particularly annoying ones and make a set. Roll the set between scrap paper, in this case architects proofs that I steal from the recycle stack of an architect's shop. Good proofing paper!

A bit of plastic protection in case of rain and into tubes they go, trimmed to fit the international 24 inch limit. Domestic sets I ship in USPS provided cartons, free with Priority Mail service. It's all very boring, really but I kind of get into looking at each set of prints as they go off into the world.
Tape gun (doesn't everybody have one?), scale, tubes...

Ready to fly to faraway lands!


Prints were mailed with an information sheet. An expanded Fantastic Garden Colophon will be available as a PDF download shortly.
I will make an announcement when it is finished.

The Book!

Growing the Garden is well under construction and should be available later this year, in about four weeks. The original estimate was to finish the book in January but I'm feeling industrious...or should I say, the Publications Department is feeling good!!!

Must be that second spring we get here in the desert about this time of the year, complete with purple sage and yellow lantana blooms and a tad of spring fever.

Fantastic Garden Headquarters: http://puzzleprints.blogspot.com

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