Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And then there were two

Halfway there!

Progress comes to those who work and work and work and work. Here is a pic of three full racks of prints, labor of love for all my dear fellow fantastic gardeners.
After a looooong Monday, I confess I took the day off today to regroup and carbo-load, ready for another printing session tomorrow.

While I was taking the day off, I took the dry(er) prints down and stacked them to make room for the ones from the next block. Then I prepared the next block, which took a while longer than I expected. Seems I neglected to shave off the edges on this one and my own background carving was a bit rough. I cleaned up some backgrounds and such. I'm nervous about this next one because of some detail blocks but I trust the printmaking gods will watch over me and all will be fine.

I cleaned the press bed and the press, got the next batch of paper ready, straightened out the blankets and reset the pressure, cut some more newsprint and brought out the next can of ink (third one!).

Then some office work, I took pictures of the last two blocks and formatted them for the book and such, took pictures of the first two prints, updated the blog page with participant names and books pre-ordered, worked a little on the colophon design, worked a little on the book formatting, made a slide show of the garden growing with the last four added, and now I'm blogging.

Here is the short slide show, enjoy!

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