Thursday, October 24, 2013

They're all gone!

Done mailing

Preview of the book cover!
Quick post! Happy to report all the prints have been mailed. Yesterday I took the last truck load to the Post Office and then I took a long deserved walk in the nearby park.

Funny story about that, one of my neighbors saw me leaving the other day with boxes full of tubes and casually asked me if I was shipping my artwork. I said, yeah, 'tis the season... Well, yesterday again as I literally loaded 56 long triangular packages onto the back of my truck (don't worry, I live very close to the P.O.) he saw me again and said: "boy you sure sell a lot of art!"
I replied kind of casually, "yeah, not bad really, about 100 bucks a pop profit I guess". Then I left him standing there with his mouth wide open staring at my truck full of tubes. Har har!

Finances in good shape

Seriously now, the finances came in about right, although I always seem to underestimate some expenses. The only thing not accounted for is the printing and mailing the Growing the Garden book and that will be finished mid-November! About three months earlier than expected. I am pleased as pie.
Books will go out in about three weeks so you will have them in time for Christmas!

Share the fantasy!

Feel free to show your prints to everyone, post on social madness, er, media, and all that. Spread the word to all your printmaking friends and friends of friends, and that will help make the next puzzle print bigger and better!!! YEAH, I said bigger...

Fantastic Garden Headquarters:

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