Monday, March 20, 2017

Ghost Town Progress

20 Sketches

The 5 sketches for each of the cardinal point walks have been carved and are waiting for me to print them. I am working on a "jig" that will hold a few of them at once. This way I can print a bunch at a time on a large sheet of paper and then trim to size. I am planning an edition of 100 for these smaller blocks. I will post update on the "jig" as soon as construction begins, usually I make these out of foamboard, just a bit below the height of the block. 

Here are a few of the latest small blocks:
Walking to the North

Walking to the West
Walking to the West, Death Valley is just West of here

Walking to the South



On to the Views of the Barn

The next step is to work on the medium blocks, the views of the Red Barn from the four cardinal points. A while back I finished the View from the East, on deck are the Views from the West and North. In each case, I found a "window" natural or man-made from which a distant Red Barn could be seen.
Red Barn Viewed from the East

Red Barn Viewed from the North (left) and the West (right)

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