Monday, November 25, 2013

This only happens to We

We as in Me!!!

Seeeee...the "W" is an upside down "M"...just like my book apparently was assembled with an upside down cover!!!

Oh lordie, como sufrimos las madres solteras...
 I checked the first few books, maybe two or three of them and they looked fine so I really don't know how many of you received the unique one-of-a-kind anomalies (good way to look at it, no?).

I have to laugh. I have contacted the printer (CreateSpace) and am guessing they probably won't do anything for me since I will not ask any of my dear artists to return their books.
So here's the deal, if you can live with it, keep it and enjoy the unique copy of this otherwise perfectly wonderful book. If you can't live with it, just let me know and as soon as I receive the replacement copies I will send you one with its head in the right place.

Moving right along...sigh

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