Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Books books and other garden things...


Good news for everyone who pre-ordered the Growing the Fantastic Garden 2013 print version book. Last week I finished uploading files and photos and such, editing, re-editing, proofing, re-proofing and finally...

Immediately I headed to my account and ordered your books. Order will be received on or around November 15 and I will immediately send them out to you.

Participants of the Fantastic Garden who pre-ordered one or more books are listed in the Participant List page on this blog. If you do not find your name listed as having ordered a book, let me know:

Cover Peek

Check it out, like it? It is YOUR work!!!

Where to get it

The book will be available in Amazon.com and Amazon Europe in 5-7 business days. I also paid to have the book distributed to the rest of the world (well, the rest of the world serviced by Amazon) so it should be available later this year everywhere else. A Kindle version is also available, live right now. And may I add how much of a pain it is to re-format the big book on Kindle format! Yikes! But it is done.

There are also other choices. I will be listing the print and e-version (PDF) of the book in my store on Etsy.com as soon as the physical book crosses my threshold.

And another reminder that the Colophon is now available for download through my website:

Other Stuff and Sweet Deals

Also, for everyone and their art loving friends, there are Fantastic Garden quality reproductions and a few sets of original prints available, ready to begin to fund the next madness!
Follow the links from my shop portal to get your own Fantastic Garden goodies:

To sweeten the deal, here are some relevant codes:
TISTHESEASON10 (10% off until end of year)
FREESHIPPING (just that)
OFF20FANTASTIC (20% off on Fantastic Garden goodies)

 BHCXZJ 20% until end of year

That's All Folks!

This concludes this project. After suitable rest, I will begin jotting down the buzzing ideas for the next one so stay tuned to this blog or my Facebook page(s)!

The garden is history!

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