Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Old Plum Tree and A Memorial

The latest arrivals, just catching up on the photo taking and updating.

From my home state of Nevada, a beautiful tree image.

NAME:  Carolyn McLeod

LOCATION:  Reno, Nevada USA

IMAGE:  An old plum tree in my garden, partly influenced by a recent Japanese-style woodblock printmaking class.

And a heart felt Memorial dedicated to Barbara Patera, graciously carved by Sharri LaPierre.

This image is in memorium of our good friend and Barenforum member, Barbara Patera.  The image is taken from a block she did for Exchange # 12.  I think Barbara would want street entertainers and arts festivals with clowns and mimes and joy and laughter.  She had a marvelous sense of humor.  Barbara's print was on a tan paper with black ink and she had a white face on her high wire walker.  I love this image - it is SO Barbara, and is appropriately titled, "Sometimes It Rains".  To me it alludes to the sorrow of missing Barbara and also to all the fun we had with her while she was with us.
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