Friday, March 25, 2011

How the puzzle was conquered

Here are the rest of the process pictures. Second day I decided to work on the grass on the other side of the house. Two reasons: one, I now bother the OTHER neighbor with my incessant jig-saw noise; and two, the wind was blowing and I didn't want to get cherry dust on my front porch.

Here we go...

More holy blocks, they look so empty!

That's kind of cool on the grass!

Several hours later...these are the last blocks!

Now THAT is really cool!
"Jig Doodle" 4 x 3.5 feet x 2"
Saw lines on styrofoam by Maria Arango
 That last picture is the styrofoam board I used for support. Really made cutting the puzzle pieces a lot easier than last project. Before I had to clamp down the big blocks while cutting out every piece and had to be careful not to cut my bench support.

With the styrofoam, I just laid the big block on top and the jig-saw blade goes right through the foam while the block is completely supported. This lets me jig-saw very quickly and the block doesn't chatter at all even when most of the pieces are removed. What a time saver!

The final piece of styrofoam looks kind of like a quirky giant line drawing. Let's call it "Jig Doodle" and sell it! Kidding, kidding...
Mailing pictures tomorrow. That part was really boring, by the way, after all the excitement and stress of cutting pieces in the great outdoors the mailing was a tedious and long task.


  1. I hope to meet you before they come and take you away...haha. Since you have done this before, I suppose you know what you are doing but it sure seems kind of crazy. Which is why you have my undying respect and awe.

  2. Hmmm...too late...I'm going "away" to Kansas in the next week to see family. At least that's what I'm telling everyone. The only parts I hate are that electronic ankle thing and that unflattering robe...and the curfew, no sharp things either so no woodcuts, ah well.
    JUSSSSSSSSSSST Kiddddinggggg!!!
    Thanks kindly!

  3. Maria- I think you are absolutely insane for taking a project like this on- But it is an incredible concept and I can't wait to see the result! The Cairn is one of my favorite pieces of art- I was honored to be included in it, as I am in this project. I can't wait to get my block!