Sunday, March 27, 2011

City of the World is in your hands!

Each block shape was recorded before mailing just in case

And off they went! Happy travels, little blocks...

The happy City of the World is now in your hands!
I will make a last blog post with the following answers to Frequently Asked Questions but never hesitate to email me directly if you have any comments, questions, funny jokes or whatever.
In addition to the instructions sent with the blocks, they are online, reachable from the project's main page:
Don't forget to keep an eye on the blog, I may comment on the experience. For example, it occurred to me that what we are doing is not just a printmaking exercise but probably qualifies as a cultural outreach and exchange, don't you think? More on that later but, on that note, when you mail the block back to me why don't you wrap it in a couple of pages of your very own local newspaper? Then I can share the headlines from all over the world and anything else that occurs to me as I get them back. Not a requirement, of course, just a request.
Here are some FAQs:
-Which side do I carve again?
-Carve the blank side, the side without the arrow and letters/numbers
-What IS that arrow, anyway?
-That arrow indicates the top of the block, sky over the city; either carve side up or purposely don't but your block will be aligned with the arrow pointing UP
-There's a border line on my block, do I carve a border?
-Up to you, the "border" is there for me to cut the block, after that you can carve a border or not, does not matter
-Where are the instructions again? I lost my piece of paper...
-My block has a nick, stain, line, mosquito, scratch...what do I do?
-Please ignore all the above and forgive my jig-saw and ink brush, they both seemed to get overly excited when drawing and cutting on the wood but hopefully I kept all those mishaps to a minimum
-What was that about a newspaper?
-If you wish and remember, please wrap the block in a couple of pages of your own newspaper; the cultural exchange will be more exciting that way!
That's it for now, I'm taking a few days off but feel free to email me anytime.
Happy carving, my dear citizens!!!

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