Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blocks being mailed!

Quick update to let everyone know that the blocks are being mailed.
Keep an eye on the blog for "updates without words":

When someone asked me how I planned to cut 113 blocks for this print, I quickly replied: "one at a time"
Well, one at a time and a few days later all 113 were in a box awaiting to be sent off.
I finished the cutting task yesterday and started packing the freshly cut blocks.
Today I managed to mail out about half, phew!

I will have some last minute instructions but they are currently in my "mailing room" and I just don't have the strength to get over there to get my notes. But I thought I'd let everyone know to expect the blocks very quickly now.
General instructions are now in html so that our foreign friends can translate if they wish:

Please let me know as you receive your block, just a quick "got it" so that I know they all arrived safely.

The future City of the World is now in your hands...or will be very soon, anyway.

Your tired and happy instigator,

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