Tuesday, May 5, 2020

100 Acts of Kindness starts to build

Big Blocks carved, mounted

I named the big blocks: Fly Now Live Be Free 
I had to name them something for organization's sake and 1-5 or A-E just not creative enough for this wild mind. So now we have a poem, each word in itself congruent with the theme, as well as the whole phrase.
Here some pics of the fixing up and mounting

All the blocks carved with one puzzle piece in place
Marlene Vidibor

After carving, the blocks are matched up
side to side and I make corrections to
the design

After the correction, perfect match!

More puzzle pieces arrive

It will be some time before the "whole" takes shape but some blocks are arriving and I dutifully place them in place. Now that I have backing boards glued to the big blocks, I can permanently level them and glue them in place.
Backing glued

I mark the back of the backing
(will be the bottom) with the shapes of
the empty pieces, this way if a particular
piece gives me printing troubles I can adjust
with easy location
Daryl DePry

August Mezzetta

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