Tuesday, April 21, 2020

New job! Stocking the store front...

Uncertainty and survival

"May you live in uninteresting times" Chinese proverb

Ah yes indeed, by now you know that my entire spring and summer festival season is cancelled. This translates to no meaningful income for the near future and possibly beyond Labor Day as I got notice that a September show had been cancelled. Guess no miles on the truck this year!

So what to do? I have dog food money but connecting with my audience is sorely missed. As I wrote on my newsletter 1000 Woodcuts Updates (what? you don't get that? more on that in a sec):

Several web projects are coming along as I make my website easier to navigate and bring back the vast information section for printmakers. Teaching myself WordPress and working on organizing content so it can be uploaded once I get everything set up. Exciting brain work! (not really but why not do that in slow times).

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So, just a suggestion but in the spirit of reconnecting with friends and collectors, I resuscitated my email newsletter: 1000 Woodcuts Updates. I have about 700+ subscribers collected one at a time through art festivals, gallery shows and other online venues. I send it out once a month (ish) or whenever there is something earth shattering that I just have to tell you. So if you want to, just send an email to: updates at 1000woodcuts.com with "subscribe" or "add me" in the subject line or body. Presto! Or click here: Subscribe to 1000 Woodcuts Updates


Finally, my online "festival" is looking great! I am in the process of uploading framed works and finished carved blocks to my web shop and that super-boring task is almost done.
I also uploaded some out of print works and larger works as reproductions so people can pick their size and get some fine quality prints of works no longer available. More to come!


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