Monday, March 16, 2020

U-turn! And update on Acts of Kindness puzzle

That was quick...

In a nutshell: drove in pouring rain, checked in to hotel, watched Arizona panic, got cancellation notice from the festival, u-turn! drove in pouring rain back home. Wow, just wow.

So moving right along...

Acts of Kindness Update #8: Upgrade! We MUST flow!

Hello everyone! First and foremost, follow all the gory details in our new and improved headquarters:

Second and most important, making very good progress on transferring the drawing to the blocks. I should be able to mail out in about a week so.

Drawing on the blocks! Soon they will be cut up into puzzle pieces
From 4 blocks to 5 blocks

Propped up and ready to draw


And, as promised in the update header, an upgrade! I was drawing and somehow didn't get enough "elbow room" for everyone's block. Let me explain, the designs for previous puzzles were easily compressible and so I was able to squeeze everyone in. But this time, the butterflies MUST flow out of the hand that frees them. They must! And I can't crunch them up like they are on a traffic jam on the California I-10 trying to get to the beach. No no no, flooowww....

So! I added a big block for a total of five. This means that 1-panel artists will be upgraded to 2-panels and full print artists will be upgraded to 5-panels. Aside from a few more sheets of paper (89 to be exact) and a couple more days of printing, no obstacles that I can see. Mailing weight about the same.

And our butterflies will flow free and unhindered up and up...

That's all for now, onward! Maria

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