Tuesday, March 10, 2020

It's a FESTIVAL! oh boy oh boy! Scottsdale Arts Festival March 13-15

At all costs!

Made reservations for this big bad boy Scottsdale Arts Festival March 13-15 way long ago. Since it is prime season in Arizona, I saved huge by prepaying my hotel. And then the COVID19 and the rain came...
Aaahhhhh well, what's a little flu and a little rain (a lot of rain forecasted actually with thunder-boomies and bolts of lightning). But in the art festival world, we're always thinking that THIS festival will be GREAT anyway. Yep.
Look for me under the rain walls in BOOTH 146 - Civic Center Plaza, downtown Scottsdale, Arizona
Been there, done that!

Loaded and revving

So I spent the last few weeks matting and framing and the last few days finding stuff and loading up. Now I'm all packed and rip-roaring to hit the road in the faithful steed. I packed my rain walls (clear vinyl so I can stay dry and still show off my stuff), I packed extra tarps, ponchos and sturdy non-slip shoes. I confess I just got up and grabbed and extra poncho, just in case. Poor truck.
Ah so beautiful in Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza

Art you will see!

Taking the "big ones" and some blocks since serious collectors walk about this particular festival often. 
Baile del Sol




See you there!!!

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