Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Very Fast Week

Drive, work, play

Oakland, California is roughly 400 miles as the crow flies...unfortunately, the "crow" cannot fly where there are no roads so the actual drive is around 580 miles. I start out going South, which is totally wrong but the Sierra Nevada is a daunting obstacle, especially in winter. The marvelous highway system eventually gets me there through the central California valley after crossing a bit of desert. 
Expecting the usual drab dead grass covered ground, instead the hills were bathed in lush green spring grasses covered with swaths of yellow, orange and lavender flowers. Quite the meditation! Pictures on the next trip, I was too nervous during the drive but I did take some Oakland shots once I arrived.

I will be right back out there this Friday for the Opening Reception, Creative Framing & Gallery, 2700 Park Blvd, Oakland California - 6-9 PM

I am hearing a few of the Peace Puzzle artists will be there and can't wait to meet everyone in the flesh. Heather Piazza and I have been exchanging prints for nearly 10 years and now we finally exchanged hugs and great chats throughout the day.

The Gallery 2700 Park Blvd, Oakland California

Loaded with art, the faithful steed got me there safely and was able to relax a little after checking in and stretching my legs. I even dropped in the Creative Framing and Gallery for an early hug from Heather Piazza. Then a good night's sleep.

Work begins "early" (Californians...) at around 11:00 AM, surf's up dude! Heather is very efficient and knowledgeable and had a plan in her head already. I unpacked, put away boxes, wrote price tags and dutifully handed here hangers and hammer. Eventually, the gallery looked scrumptious with the incomparable Peace Puzzle and some of my works.

Shot from the secret window above

Heather Piazza hanging the Peace Blocks

Peace blocks all done

The accent wall with Life Seekers, print and block

Hanging the last of the Peace Puzzle Prints

Ta da! (She hangs the work, I take the credit, well done, Maria)

Complete! Heather does nice work

Another view
Lunch by the bay, I had sea critter stew

One of the many gorgeous Oakland murals

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