Monday, April 7, 2014

Red Rock Residency in full bloom

Two days in heaven!

What an amazing place. I have hiked here so much long ago but it feels like every time I come there is a new place. Many new trails, better marked, connected...enough trekking for a life time.
I have spent two days walking about in the spring desert; I am tired but so filled with beauty that, as I rest, I long for the next adventure.

Red Rock Canyon is just West of Las Vegas, for those who haven't clicked on the link yet. The Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association graciously awarded me an artist-in-residence spot and I am taking full advantage of the opportunity. I will be teaching two workshops so be sure to check the schedule and the workshop flyer on my  page 1000Woodcuts on Facebook
I will also be uploading selected photos from the 685 that I have taken! Very selected...


My M.O. is to hike, absorb, take pictures and maybe sketch a little, always on a woodblock. But mostly I absorb while there and sketch later from memory or as I re-read my comments. Here are some excerpts of the first two days.

"The cold wind blows and I feel its bite. The breeze scatters visitors, they snap their photos and move on quickly. I am able to withdraw, drink the landscape and write a little. Cold wind also vibrates the landscape, shaking spring blooms and the hardy yucca spikes alike and scatters early clouds. Soon the sky is blue and the crowds quickly vanish leaving me with the view, the mountains, the beckoning canyons and the warming sun.

The view is hard to describe, easy to take in. There is a circle of mountains enveloping me, colorful rock mountains hiding canyons and springs. A velvet spread of spring green covers the desert and close to the ground there is the amazing beginning of spring in yellow, purple, pink blooms. The incredible globe mallow orange buds and flowers are everywhere and speckle the green velvet with fiery splashes. Sounds are continually interrupted by the purr of motors passing by and turning on and off. Voices telling jokes, lauding the landscape or bickering about the cold breeze enter and exit consciousness."

More to come...

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