Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winds of change...

Long time no post!
Seems sometimes in my life I just shake things up just to see what happens. Not that I have that much time in my hands, I just have to jump around and try new things once in a while...make that often!

This year I'm working on shrinking my unwieldy website and expanding presence in other venues. Announcements to come as they happen and on my website front page, and in here, and...sigh...

Anyhow, for starters I just proudly donated this piece Recto Verso to the Las Vegas/Clark County Library Permanent Art Collection:
Recto-Verso two blocks and bound prints 2012

The piece was done for a show last year in conjunction with the book festival in Las Vegas. I got carried away and carved two blocks, mirror image, large much fun to get carried away in art.
I have various projects going on and will be posting (so she says) regularly, whatever that means.
Carry on...

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