Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dragons got lost but...

Just for clarification, I am painfully aware that LAST year was the Year of the Dragon and THIS year is the year of the snake. I actually (really) started this print last year with full intention of complying with a deadline for this very friendly exchange of Chinese Lunar New Year prints.

For more information on that, visit the amazing website, owned and operated by an amazing group of stubborn woodcut and woodblock printmakers who have stuck together through the years. This (or should I say, last) print completes the cycle of 12 Chinese Lunar New Year prints that have crossed the world every year since one of our major instigators, Julio Rodriguez, started the whole mess.

In any case, here is my very late Year of the Dragon print, a wood engraving. BTW I have banned myself from further participation in any exchanges until I get my head out, the sand...when it comes to deadlines, anyway.

Dragon Valley by Maria Arango
Print Title: Dragon Valley
Paper Dimension: 7 x 8 inches
Image Dimension: 5 x 6 inches
Block: Boxwood round
Pigment or Ink: Daniel Smith Traditional Black
Paper: Stonehenge Natural
Edition: 100
Comments: Finished a year late, dragons...snakes...same thing with or without legs, no?
Lest anyone thinks I made up these rock formations, I include a picture of the actual unretouched Dragon Valley, my personal name for a nameless view of rock outcroppings.
The actual location is the indomitable and beautiful Valley of Fire State Park, a short drive from Las Vegas Nevada.
this is a standard engraving with free use of traditional engraving tools and a rotary tool with dental bits. Printed with a mini-hydraulic press.

Here is the picture of the "real" dragon valley:

Dragon Valley, Valley of Fire, Nevada photo by Maria Arango

My prints are going out today if I have to sit on my butt and lick stamps all day, by golly. Better late than never?

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