Friday, August 17, 2012

Updated Website Pages

Here is my very latest, Tahoe Sketch, a little tiny print for another exchange.
For those that like woodcuts and woodblock prints, there is no place like our Baren. Here is the link if you wish to join us
But the title of this blog is updated website pages, so here is the link to the latest in the 1000 Woodcuts Project.

Life has slowed down since I started but I remain completely convinced that I will one day print the 1000th woodcut.

Meantime, plans for a website streamlining are finalized and I'm beginning to move some things, transfer some things, eliminate some things...
-The website is just too big so I will be axing some areas
-Galleries will move exclusively to my online shops, where detailed views and print details are easier to upload and prints can be purchased.
-The Printmaking Studio and the Studio Notes will move slowly but surely to this blog, easier to search that way. I'm also upgrading photos as I go along and hope to add some videos.

For now that's about it. Studio notes will begin appearing here and the domain will get redirected here. Back to work...

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