Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some loose ends!

Things just keep on coming up and of course I have to communicate all the little updates!

First and foremost, keep sending and publishing those print pictures, they are just a delight to see. Many of you have shared on Facebook or your own blogs and asked me if that's okay...OF COURSE!!!

Some of you have mentioned that you may exhibit the City of the World print. That's great! Please do keep us informed of any and all exhibits so I can keep the blog updated.

And to that end, I have a few extra sets of the print so if for some reason putting your own print "up there" scares you, I can send an exhibit print as long as it is either gifted to the exhibit locale or returned to me.

Also to that end, feel free to avail yourself of the high resolution key, suitable for printing and distributing, .pdf downloadable from the website here:

I sent the .pdf to Office Depot and received perfect copies for all of you, rather than print myself. At 8c a page, you can't go wrong!

Next on the agenda is the Colophon, just a reiteration of last communication with an important update.

1. Purchase the printed book directly from the Publisher, CreateSpace through Amazon.com
Now with ISBN for ordering through any publisher.
The format is softcover, perfect bound, 8.5 x 11 inches or 21.5 x 27 centimeters, black and white, 144 pages of pure delight. I chose options to make the book as inexpensive as possible.

You can purchase from Amazon now, here is the link:
That's all for now!
Many of you have asked when the next project will start, to which I say...soon enough! Let's rest through the summer and enjoy our Great City.


  1. Maria, this is such a lovely idea for a project! Have just been reading Fiona Humphrey's blog post about the book - and her part in it. She's so excited - I would be too!
    I hope the book will be available in UK, as I'd love a copy!
    When will you do another project (and may I join in?)

    1. Planning to launch another project within a month or so. Just keep an eye on THIS blog for the announcement. Yes, anyone may join in, there will be a limit on participants this time so I don't go crazy!

      And the book should be available in Amazon.uk shortly, so I'm told.