Monday, December 5, 2011

City within a city from the UK and another Brazilian citizen

Harry French, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom writes this about his beautiful contribution:

My city of the world is a personal, composite print of my own city, Lincoln set in the rural county of Lincolnshire, England, UK. It was used by the Roman 9th Legion Hispania as their fortress in 65AD followed by the 2nd Legion Adiutrix in 71AD that eventually moved north. In the ninth century the Vikings invaded and settled down in the area until 1066AD when William conquered England. To establish his power he built a castle to keep us under control and ordered the building of a cathedral.

So what’s Lincoln’s contribution today as a city of the world in such a rural and isolated area?

I still use the Roman archway to enter the top end of the city.                                                     William’s castle is now the custodian of the world famous document of freedom, “The Magna Carta (1215AD)”.

His great cathedral still stands at the side of the castle and dominates the city skyline.

Architectural experts now rank it as one of the finest in Europe.

I came to Lincoln in 1964 and have never had any great desire to leave it.


And Nancy Guedes Nastari Saia, from Guaruja, Sao Paulo Brazil sends a wonderful image and more news from lands far and fantastic.

More to come, keep them flying home!

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