Sunday, December 4, 2011

Citizens from the North in Alaska and Canada, brrrrr...

A great contribution from Julianna Humphreys - Juneau Alaska USA
Living on the edge of the big, wet, wild Tongass National Forest has its benefits!

I don't know if I like the block or the card better!

And here is the contribution by Rozemarijn Oudejans - Ottawa Ontario CANADA, who says this about her very COOL block! (can you tell I'm a bike rider?):

Cargo bikes. The solution to traffic jams, parking problems, air polution and lapsing gym memberships. Bring your kids to school, go to work, get your groceries and your exercise, all in 1 bike ride. Save the city AND the planet, 3 wheels at a time!

More posts in the next few days and the blocks keep coming!

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