Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nature Printing and the yearly workshop

The Nature Printing Society is a wonderful collection of slightly nutty but very well behaved individuals who get together year after year to print fish and plants and anything else that can sit still for just a few minutes.

Their website link is: http://www.natureprintingsociety.info/ and they now have a Facebook page so look them up there too. Exploring the work from past workshops will yield a variety of expertly pulled prints taken from natural things, including an amazing poodle print, (real poodle, like...the dog breed!).

I last went to their workshop in Santa Barbara, California and had a blast. This last workshop was in Fort Collins, Colorado and I learned even more stuff that would have never ocurred to me. Now every time I hike I take a brayer, not really but I feel like I could print "the trail" as I see it and walk by.

Certainly adds a whole new dimension to a printmaker's bag of tools!!!

Here's a sampling of everyone's work showing a wide variety of techniques taught at the workshop:

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