Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From Indiana and California USA

Here are the latest arrivals for the Great City! I wish that I could share the experience of reading these newspaper articles and tid bits that come from all over the world. Really a wonderful way to waste a day!!! No wonder I can't get anything done around here...

Some quick stats:
27 blocks are home!
86 blocks are still far far away
the destiny of 4 blocks is unknown, I'm assuming they have arrived safely but time will tell...

But anyhow, here they are, if you click on the photos you can get a larger view and enjoy some of the news.

Elizabeth Busey from Bloomington, Indiana USA writes:

In the city of the world, we share our space with more than just other humans.  Living things, great and small, make the world a beautiful place.

Andrew Stone from Santa Cruz, California USA and Florence ITALY
Polluting industries would often build their smokestacks higher when forced to comply with local clean air regulations.
Higher stacks would take the pollutants farther away, resulting in cleaner local air but depositing the waste further downwind.
As we become citizens of a smaller and smaller planet it is no longer a matter of being just a bad neighbor; the waste we dump downwind now circles the globe to hit us in the face as it comes full circle around.
We need to be better neighbors; produce less waste by consuming less; and realize that throwing something "away" means tossing into your neighbor's yard--or your own.
So these are the night-discharging smokestacks of my imagination.
Be a better citizen. Consume less. Pollute less. Work for the rights of all to clean air, water, land and food.

Thanks for the humor and the thoughtful message.

I have four more "on deck" ready to be uploaded so if your block has arrived recently, just be patient. What a city this is turning out to be!!!

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  1. And I love that Andrew wrapped his in our local Santa Cruz Comic News! :)