Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Willow Bloom, the latest moku-hanga creation

About a month ago, our desert garden decided to reward us with some color. This "desert garden" used to be referred to as "the back-40". When we first moved in we gracefully called it "raw desert" and it was near five years before we got around to planting some desert hardy plants, shrubs and trees.

Fast forward another five years of planting, moving, about a mile of drip irrigation trenching, pipe, hoses and drip heads...and VOILA! A beautiful desert garden with flowering trees, sage, and other assorted Mojave native and Mojave hardy plants.

The willows, my first tribute to the garden, bloom all summer and recently in early fall. Here is my tiny willow bloom:

Mojave Willow 2010 Copyright Maria Arango
 And the blocks that went into making of the willow bloom, sans words:

That's about it! I'm on to my second garden creation, the beaver tail blooms! This time my key block will be cherry which will allow me to do a more detailed line guide. Of course this will also raise the "degree of difficulty" for registering the key blocks but I think I'm ready.


  1. Maria, this is so beautiful! I love it a lot.

  2. Thanks for the memory! I used to have a pretty good size Desert Willow growing outside my studio window when we lived on the desert. When in bloom they look like they have been frosted with orchids.

  3. You make it look so easy. ;-] Beautiful.

  4. Wow! great reception for such a tiny print! Thanks everyone. The lesson learned is that I really need to start using cherrywood to make my key blocks. I mean, Shina ply works well but I would have liked a more defined look to the key block.
    Now that I feel more confident about registering damp paper multiple times, I think I'm ready for a tighter key.