Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Me in a tree in progress

The key block, on the hanshita paper ready to be transferred. This hanshita paper is a huge time and head-ache saver! I just print the carved key block, kentos and all, as many times as there will be color blocks.

I pasted down my hanshitas with rice paste, ready made and purchased from Dick Blick , search for Nori. I then stack the blocks and put weight on them so the hanshita won't wrinkle. It dries perfectly flat. The hanshita is composed of two layers, a thick backing sheet and a thin sheet.

Once dry, the thick sheet peels off and the thin sheet remains on the block. A few drops of oil and the paper disappears (visually speaking) leaving just the perfect image on the block to be carved right through the paper.

The first picture is the key block printed in blue with the green block, leaves background printed as well. Fun working with such transparent inks and certainly very different from using oil-based inks. The second is the sienna block printed over the key block on the tree trunk. I printed the leaves and the tree twice to achieve saturation.

Lastly a purple block to get some depth on the leaves, a bit of shading on the tree, and a background for the "hiding place" behind the figure.

My favorite part of being a pritmaker! A bunch of prints all in a row. Next post shows the finished print and some details.

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  1. OH, very nice! Yes, there is something almost intoxicating about seeing all one's prints laid out......