Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quirky cork prints and a new Studionote

I started printing with cork plates way back when and for now I'm hooked on the "look" that cork plates give my new series of prints.

Here is the latest, fresh off the press. The image is one of two I'm printing for the Earth Exchange offered by Four Oceans Press website and print organization, check them out:

The cork plates are fun but hard to work with and I'm starting to control the process. I caught up some stuff on my website and wrote a new Studio Note on it. If you haven't read all my silly Studionotes, feel free. I love sharing the info on printmaking as I learn it.

Have fun!

And direct to the quirky cork:


  1. Very cool effect, and great that the cork can be cut with a blade. Even though it's fussy (crumbles easily, soaks in the ink) I agree that the effect makes it worth the trouble. I haven't seen a texture like that before. Thanks for sharing your experiments and techniques so freely!

  2. Thanks Annie! You should see where I used a lot of water, it's absolutely like watercolor but repeatable. Might make an interesting "topo-like" background for some of your awesome map prints.