Friday, June 6, 2008

Cairn grows again! Middle block is done, Days 4-6

Well here we go, another three days and another block is printed.

The whole is looking awesome and my studio really stinks now with all these prints hanging, not even the cats want to be in there. My husband opens windows and turns on the fan as soon as he gets home; there is really no appreciation for the delightful perfume of oil based inks...ahhhhhh...

Looking forward to block number 3 and finishing.

Today I ordered the free domestic mailing tubes from the Post Office and bought some for my international friends. Should be able to mail next week if I work through the weekend!


  1. Maria,

    This is so awesome. The prints look great. I can't wait to hold one in my hands. I am sorry I am missing the wonderful smell of a studio full of ink...

    Thanks again for doing this amazing project...

  2. What a sight, all those prints hanging up on your ingenious drying rack! There are some wonderful carvings - it's looking beautiful. Can't wait to see how you put the pieces together.

  3. oh hey, cool, thanks guys for the vote of confidence, makes my sore "press-elbows" feel much better!