Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Project Update #4: 100 Acts of Human Kindness

100 Acts of Human Kindness
Thank you everyone for believing, onward and upward!
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Posted by Maria Arango Diener
Feb 19, 2020
Project Page Sign Up:

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Thank you, it's working!

Thanks to everyone's efforts we are having a very hopeful mini-surge! Getting very close with roughly 12 days to go. Best way to share with your printmaking friends is directly, I'm getting some good results from direct email and messages and I really appreciate all of you enticing your friends into joining us.  I have gone a bit crazy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my blog but so far I haven't lost any followers due to puzzle-project-indigestion. Also, we have people helping without participating, which is very generous; that's why they call it crowdfunding! 
We now have 65 backers and some artist-teams totalling 80 artists. And THAT, my fellow puzzle lovers, is enough for the project to go on whether we make funding or not in Kickstarter. More on that later as if we don't fund through Kickstarter things can get a bit messy. But don't panic! That's MY job, ha!
Bottom is the Artist Official Headquarters, bookmark the page and I will direct you there when the time comes.

Onward and Upward

Always the optimist, I already bought wood! I had some left over from a past project but I ordered some brand new delicious planks of cherry plywood. For the project, this means we go on!
Delicious cherry ply sitting on my brave and hopeful press-bed