Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Ahhh, the tingling of waiting...the thrill of victory!

Two for two

Booth at Tempe long long ago
I made it into Tempe! One of my favorite show for sure and also one of the most grueling in terms of set-up and generally, appropriately nicknamed "the zoo."
But it all starts with a delightful anxiety burst. Application process is pretty routine, go to the website, find the show as soon as it opens and apply as fast as possible. Why? you ask...well, as many other competitive shows, time stamp of application and especially of acceptance and payment are the key to a great location.

So I now have my first Fall schedule of my new and improved life as a festival artist all finalized. 
November 23 and 24 ArtFest of Scottsdale
Downtown Scottsdale Arizona

December 6-8 Tempe Festival of the Arts
Downtown Tempe along Mill Avenue, Arizona

Adrenaline rush!

This morning was the acceptance notification for Tempe, at exactly 10:00am Mountain (which by the way in Arizona is also Pacific Time since they do not observe Daylight Savings). Artists are instructed (twice) to await the magic moment while logged in to the website, accept if invited, pay and fill out an acceptance form with a time-stamp that confirms you are a complete and hopeless art festival addict.
Heart beats just a little faster a the minutes and seconds tick by...tick tock tick tock...10 seconds and I'm feeling all tingly...3...2...1! REFRESH PAGE!!!! Oooh, I'm INVITED! Ooohh, no time to celebrate, click click pay pay click fill SUBMIT!!! All within 24 seconds har har, I'm awesome...

Lest you think that is a bit extreme, within one (1) minute, the much sought out corner booths are sold out. Another 10 minutes and the entire "A" section (most desireable in terms of location/sales) is sold out. Wheew...

Yay me! Now the next rush to reserve a nearby hotel, they tend to sell out within a week and I like to walk or bike to the show. Gotta go!
Beautiful downtown Scottsdale few years back

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