Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A little print for a exchange

Exchanging Prints

One of the wonderful things about being a printmaker is that there is a long tradition of exchanging prints with other artists. My collection of prints from fellow artists is now in the thousands! For the pleasure of getting someone else's artwork, we send some of our own. Beautiful. is a woodblock/woodcut printmaking loosely organized bunch of folk who have exchanged prints over the years. This particular exchange calls for a 10 x 7.5 inch print, no theme, 27 participants. Let's get to work.

Angry Skies

My inspiration this year is in the mundane. I walk nearly every day up, down and around a local park with pup in tow (or viceversa). This winter has been particularly blustery and many days the skies seem to show a lot of pent up energy, waiting to unload. Cold wind buffets my face as I snap a few bad reference pictures. Then on to the studio to capture the feeling.
The picture captions tell the rest of the tale so far.

Reference photo

Carving the main block

Key block (main block) is done!

A proof on working paper

Proof "Angry Skies"

Transfer key block to color blocks with mylar

Color blocks ready to be carved

Vegetation block in rainbow roll (split roll)
mustard yellow to dark reddish

Registration jig so paper always in the same place

Pulling  a print on good paper

The split (rainbow) roll close up

Day's work, 65 prints roughly, tomorrow another color!

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